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More than just bookkeeping


Kedwell & Co can manage your financial reporting process and, on a monthly or quarterly basis, provide you with:

- a set of financial accounts which comply with Australian Accounting Standards;

- useful reports that make sense of all the information; and

- interpretation and advice so that you know exactly how your business is doing.

Lean Accounting


Is or does your business want to head down the "Lean" path? Kedwell & Co can help your business introduce a lean accounting method that is more consistent with the assumptions underlying lean manufacturing operations than traditional cost accounting.


How much tax will your business have to pay?


Kedwell & Co can estimate the amount of income tax your business will pay for the financial year, long before your Tax Agent will, so that you can make informed business decisions based on this information.


Kedwell & Co does not replace your tax agent. Your Tax Agent will make the final determination of your business's tax liability. However, Kedwell & Co will greatly reduce the amount of work your Tax Agent will need to do in preparing your business's tax return.

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Kedwell & Co uses Xero because it has everything you need to grow your business. Login any time, anywhere on Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone.
Kedwell & Co is a CPA Practice
Kedwell & Co is an ANZ Mortgage Introducer

Kedwell & Co is an

ANZ Mortgage Introducer

Kedwell & Co is a CPA Practice

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