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Improve your business' profitability and bank balance


In order to run a business, management needs useful business information  to assist in making everyday operational decisions. Kedwell & Co can analyse the information contained in your business's financial reporting system and provide you with interpretive reports and advice that you can use to make informed business decisions regarding:

Profitability - your business's ability to earn income and sustain growth in both the short and long term;

Solvency - your business's ability to pay its obligation to creditors and other third parties in the long term;

Liquidity - your business's ability to maintain positive cash flow, while satisfying immediate obligations; and

Sustainability - your business's ability to remain in business in the long run, without having to sustain significant losses in the conduct of its business.


Kedwell & Co targets the following areas of your business for detailed analysis in order to drive increased profitability and a healthier bank balance.


Is there any sales revenue leakage?

Reducing cost of goods sold to increase gross profit

Reducing inventory/work in progress

Reducing overheads

Should prices be increased?

Speeding up collections

Accounts payable

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

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Kedwell & Co is a CPA Practice
Kedwell & Co is an ANZ Mortgage Introducer

Kedwell & Co is an

ANZ Mortgage Introducer

Kedwell & Co is a CPA Practice

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