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In an increasingly global market, businesses in Australia must work to increase their productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and eliminate all forms of waste from their business operations in order to become internationally competitive.

The Principal of Kedwell & Co, Andrew Kedwell, has fulfilled the requirements of the nationally recognised MSA41108 Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing. Andrew's goal in undertaking this further study was to help the businesses that engage his services to become internationally competitive and therefore sustainable into the future.

Kedwell & Co can help you:

  • Lead changes in a manufacturing environment;
  • Lead 5S (a series of activities for eliminating waste) in a manufacturing environment;
  • Facilitate a Just-in-Time (JIT) system;
  • Develop quick changeover procedures;
  • Analyse material handling processes;
  • Lead team culture improvement;
  • Use structured problem solving tools;
  • Mistake proof a production process;
  • Support proactive maintenance; and
  • Ensure process improvements are sustained.

Andrew's previous roles as a financial controller have required him to manage many projects including involvement in many initiatives to help companies implement competitive manufacturing, including "lean" initiatives, at the production level. These techniques are not exclusive to manufacturing businesses and can be adopted and applied at the product or service level in all types of businesses.

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Kedwell & Co are family-owned, registered tax agents and are a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) accounting practice.

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